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Major Sightseeing Destinations in Tsuruga

Kehi Jingu Shrine

The chief guardian shrine of the old Hokuriku-do region. Home to one of Japan’s three largest wooden torii gates (a nationally designated Important Cultural Property).

Kanegasakigu Shrine

The shrine of love. Famous for cherry blossoms. The Flower-Exchanging Festival is held here every spring.

Kanegasaki Ryokuchi Park

A greenery park featuring everything that gives the port town of Tsuruga its distinct character.

Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse

With both the Diorama Building and the Restaurant Building, this establishment offers a combination of history, culture, and delicious food.

Minato Tsuruga Yama Kaikan

Featuring displays of the exciting and beautiful festival floats that are paraded around Tsuruga.

Former Tsuruga Port Station Building (Tsuruga Railway Museum)

The Tsuruga Railway Museum is a reproduction of the former Tsuruga Port Station terminal, used by the Europe-Asia International Express.

Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum

Passing on the Incredible History of Tsuruga Port to Future Generations

Tsuruga Municipal Museum

Featuring exhibits on Tsuruga’s history. Located in the former Owada Bank building, an example of modern architecture from the late 1920s

Kami-Warabe Washi Paper Doll Museum

A museum of figures and dolls made of washi paper depicting scenes from around the 1930s.

Seimei Shrine

The shrine associated with the mysterious historic figure Abe no Seimei. The Kinenseki prayer stone once used in Onmyodo, the study of yin and yang, is enshrined here.

Tsuruga Museum Street

A charming and stylish street of shops in historic buildings.

Takatoro Tall Stone Lantern at Suzaki

This stone lantern once served as a lighthouse, and is the oldest of its type remaining on the Sea of Japan coast. It stands as a reminder of the history of Tsuruga Port.

Kehi no Matsubara (Pine Tree Park)

One of the most scenic and beautiful places in Tsuruga city. Known as one of the three greatest pine groves in Japan, and a nationally-designated Site of Scenic Beauty.

Graves of Takeda Kounsai and Followers

The site of the decapitation of Takeda Kounsai, leader of the Mito Rebellion.

Saifukuji Temple

Fall colors so beautiful, you’ll think you’re in heaven itself!

Shibata Garden

A Beautiful Garden against the Backdrop of Mt. Nosaka

Sunset Atelier, a Lovers’ Sanctuary

Enjoy a spectacular view from high above Tsuruga Bay.

Jogu Shrine

Dedicated to the guardian deity of safe childbirth.

Nakaikemi-shicchi Wetland

This Ramsar Site-designated wetland is home to a rich ecosystem featuring unique native aquatic insects and other species.

Ikenokouchi Marsh

This marsh feels like a microcosm of the world’s ecosystems. Come visit and feel one with nature.

Ruins of Genbao Fort (Uchinakaoyama Fort)

This fort was built to serve as the headquarters for Shibata Katsuie’s troops for the Battle of Shizugatake. Designated a National Historical Site.

Mizushima Resort Uninhabited Island

We almost want to keep this a local secret! An island paradise on the deep blue sea of Tsuruga Bay.

Tsuruga Symbol Road

Enjoy bronze statues of anime characters during your walk in the city.

Tateishi Cape Lighthouse

Located on the tip of the Tsuruga Peninsula, this lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan.

Kanegasakigu Shrine Flower-Exchanging Festival (April)

Kanegasakigu Shrine is known for its many cherry trees and view of the Sea of Japan. It might just also be where your own love story begins.

Floating Lanterns and Fireworks Show (August)

A Fantastical Evening of Water, Sound, and Light.